11:49 / 01.12.2020
Inflation recorded at 1.5% in November
Photo: Getty Images

In November 2020, the average level of consumer prices and tariffs for the month increased by 1.5%, the State Statistics Committee informs.

In January-November 2020, prices and tariffs in the consumer market increased by an average of 9.5%. Foodstuffs in November this year, on average, rose in price by 2.4%, non-food products – by 0.9%, services – by 0.9%.

In general, in January-November, the level of prices for food products increased by 12.6%, non-food products – by 7.8%, services – by 6.1%.

Fruits and vegetables became 7.8% more expensive in November. Fat and oil products increased in price by 3.3% over the month, meat, poultry and fish – by 1.5%, sugar, tea and other food products – by 1.5%, dairy products – by 1.2%. Prices in public catering in November increased by 3.1%, alcoholic beverages rose by 1.1%, non-alcoholic – by 0.3%.

Compared to the end of 2019, the most significant price increases were recorded for eggs (33%), oil and fats (24.2%), meat, poultry and fish (16.7%), as well as for bakery products (14.2%).