11:24 / 03.12.2020
Government plans to reduce fines for violation of parking rules

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis proposed to reduce fines for violating the parking and stop sign rules, MP Doniyor Ganiyev says. 

Photo: KUN.UZ

“As the number of cars is growing rapidly, the problem of parking in large urban centers is becoming an urgent issue for many drivers. This is especially noticeable in the capital. One of the reasons is the lack of paid parking lots and parking meters on the central streets. In turn, this causes discontent of many drivers,” the deputy said

According to the Administrative Responsibility Code, violating the parking and stop sign rules entails the imposition of a fine in the amount of three base calculating amounts (3 BCAs – 669 thousand soums), repeated violation during the year – 5 BCAs (1 million 113 thousand soums), the third offense – 10 BCAs (2 million 225 thousand soums).

“Apparently, the size of the fine for violating the rules of parking is very high. If we compare this fine with the average income of the population, the difference is obvious,” Doniyor Ganiyev said.

According to the analysis, for such violations in Russia there is a fine of 3,000 rubles (415 thousand soums), in Ukraine – 510 hryvnias (188 thousand soums), in Kazakhstan 24,000 tenge (589 thousand soums) and in Kyrgyzstan – 3,000 soms (369 thousand soums).

Based on this, members of the Defense and Security Committee of the Legislative Chamber proposed to reduce the amount of the fine for violating the parking and stop sign rules to 1 BCA (223 thousand soums).

The MP concluded that the deputies are currently working on a relevant bill to reduce fines.