14:37 / 12.12.2020
“60-80 percent of the coal supplied to the population is coal powder” – Senator

This year, only 75% of the population’s demand for coal is expected to be met.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Senator Kutbiddin Burkhanov criticized the shortcomings in the supply of coal to the population in the autumn-winter period, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

According to him, there are many violations in the supply of coal to the population.

“Preparations for the supply of coal to the population in the autumn-winter period are unsatisfactory. Uzbekkumir JSC lags behind in the development of mining surfaces, the level of mining efficiency does not meet modern requirements. The growing demand is not being met.

Coal products delivered to local households are of poor quality. In particular, studies of social facilities in Andijan, Namangan and Fergana regions have shown that the quality of coal delivered to them is low, more than 60% of the product consists of powder. As a result, the population’s objections to poor coal combustion are growing.

70-80% of the coal supplied to schools in Andijan and Fergana regions is nothing but powder. We have seen it with our own eyes,” Burkhanov said at a meeting of the Senate Council.

It was noted at the meeting that in 2020 it is planned to deliver 405,000 tons of coal to 14.3 thousand social organizations and 600,000 tons to 2.7 million people. In practice, the needs of social organizations can be met by 100%, and the needs of the population – only by 75%.