21:43 / 28.12.2020
Saida Mirziyoyeva announces campaign for all students of specialized boarding schools

Saida Mirziyoyeva announced on her Telegram channel a campaign for all students of specialized boarding schools.

As part of the New Year’s charity campaign “Ko’ngil ko’zi” (“Eye of the Soul”), more than three thousand blind and visually impaired children will undergo a medical examination.

“We will help every child whose visual impairment can be cured depending on the analysis we have conducted,” Saida Mirziyoyeva said.

For information, the charity campaign “Eye of the Soul” was launched in March 2019. Its aim is to help visually impaired children in their education and to create appropriate conditions for their spiritual development.

The project includes the publication of textbooks in Braille, the creation of a computer center specialized in the needs of blind and visually impaired children, the development of the technical base of all boarding schools and other small projects to achieve this goal.