12:47 / 31.12.2020
262.6 billion soums worth license plates sold through online auctions in 2020 - UZEX

Since the beginning of 2020, more than 106 thousand license plates worth 262.6 billion soums have been sold through online auctions on the website of the Uzbek Republican Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange. The sale of license plates increased in quantitative terms by 2.6 times, in monetary terms – by 71.2%, UZEX reports.

The average cost of one transaction was 2.4 million soums, with the cheapest being sold for 450.5 thousand soums and the most expensive one – for 206.7 million soums. 92.3% of the sold license plates were purchased by individuals, 7.7% – by legal entities.

45.2% of all the agreements on the sale of license plates were concluded in the city of Tashkent and the Tashkent region.

It should be noted that 80% of the funds received from the sale of license plates in online auctions are directed to the state budget of Uzbekistan, 20% – to the Special Fund for the Development of the Material and Technical Base, Social Incentives for Employees and Other Expenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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