21:08 / 06.01.2021
Olympic Town to be built in Bostanlyk

Tashkent will host the 2025 Asian Youth Games. On January 5 at the International Press Club, the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports Dilmurod Nabiyev spoke about the preparations for the competition.

According to the Minister, an average of about 5,000 athletes have participated in the Asian Youth Games so far. So around 15,000 guests are expected to visit Tashkent, including coaches, doctors, members of the official delegation and the mass media.

“We need to create decent conditions when hosting the event. For this purpose, in accordance with the instructions of the President, an Olympic Town with all conditions that meet international standards will be built in the Bostanlyk district, Tashkent region.

Practical work has started with the Ministry of Construction in this regard. All the infrastructure should be improved and the Olympic Town should be commissioned by 2025.

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has its own requirements for holding this competition. In particular, there are tasks such as starting the promotion of the competition from next year, creating its emblem and symbol. In turn, a special working group of the OCA will come and study how the preparations are going. Every year, the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports makes presentations on the work done during the year, discusses plans for next year with the National Olympic Committee and the Tashkent city administration.

The success of the State hosting the Asian Youth Games is that they determine the sports that will be included in the competition program. However, the competition program must include at least 8 sports listed in the Olympic Games. 

When we host, of course, we will try to introduce the most developed sports in our country, including freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, judo, team sports such as football, swimming, as well as our own national sports.

We will take measures to thoroughly prepare our youth for this competition, to strengthen the selection process, to create all conditions for the national team,” the press service of the Ministry of Sports quoted Dilmurod Nabiyev as saying.

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