17:17 / 08.01.2021
Tuyabuguz Reservoir in Tashkent region freezes due to cold weather
Photo: NOC

Due to the temperature falling below zero, the surface of the Tuyabug Reservoir (known as the Tashkent Sea) in the Tashkent region has been covered with ice, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Uzbekistan informs.

The committee notes that rowers cannot train on open water because of the bad weather.

“However, athletes who have set themselves big goals in the new season continue to train in indoor facilities. At present, all the staff of our rowers, as well as part of the kayakers and canonists, are keeping on training” the NOC reports.

The Tuyabuguz Reservoir was built to regulate the water resources of the Ohangaron and Chirchik rivers seasonally. The area of the reservoir is 20 sq. km.