22:38 / 09.01.2021
Board Chairman of a private bank arrested in Tashkent

In Tashkent, the corruption crimes of the board chairman of a private commercial bank, the head of the central dehkan market in one of the districts of Samarkand, the inspector of the penitentiary in Karshi, the executive secretary of the commission in the Bukhara district and other officials were discovered.

During the operative measures taken by the staff of the Department under the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Territorial Department of the State Security Service, the corrupt actions of officials were prevented.

Reportedly, the chairman of one of the private joint-stock commercial banks operating in the country demanded $15,000 in bribe to provide a loan of 4 billion soums to an entrepreneur in Tashkent. It was found out that the head of the bank received 103 million soums of the requested money by transferring it to the account of a limited liability company belonging to his acquaintance.

The head of a central dehkan market in one of the districts of Samarkand and his brother demanded $10,000 from a resident, promising to allocate a land plot to build a sewing workshop and a store. In an operative event, the brothers were caught red-handed while receiving $5,000.

During a search operation conducted by officers of the Kashkadarya Region SSS Department and the Territorial Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, an employee of the MIA, who was performing his duty at the penitentiary in Karshi, was detained when he received $5,000 from a convict serving his sentence in exchange for the delivery of mobile phone for the convict’s use and subsequent other items.

Also, the executive secretary of the juvenile commission in one of the district khokimiyats in the Bukhara region promised to help one of the residents to allocate 4 hundred square meters of land to build a shopping center in the district, in exchange, he asked $4,000. The fraudster was detained by SSS officers while receiving $2,000 of the agreed amount.

Reportedly, criminal proceedings have been instituted on the aforementioned cases and an investigation is underway.

It should be recalled that on January 8, the head of the Khorezm Regional Electric Networks was detained by law enforcement officers when he received $15,000 from a businessman to connect his CNG station to the electricity grid.