12:22 / 11.01.2021
Central Bank issues recommendations on ATM use 

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has issued recommendations on the observance of security measures when dealing with a bank card in ATMs and POS terminals.

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“Compliance with the proposed security measures will help to ensure maximum security and prevent unauthorized use of the savings available in the bank card,” the Central Bank said.


When choosing an ATM for transactions with a bank card, it is necessary to pay attention to the absence of any suspicious persons in the vicinity. In case of the presence of such persons, it is best to choose another time to use the ATM. Do not listen to the advice of third parties and do not accept their help in conducting transactions with a bank card.

Before using the ATM, check it for any additional devices which do not correspond to its design and are located at the PIN-code set and at the card receiving location (slot) (for example, the presence of an uneven keyboard of a set of PIN-code). If additional devices are found, please refrain from using such ATMs and report your suspicions to the bank via the telephone indicated there.

Do not use physical force to insert a card into an ATM. If the ATM card cannot be inserted, please refrain from using such an ATM.

After receiving cash at the ATM, you should re-count the banknotes, wait for the return of the bank card and the receipt, put them in the bag (wallet, pocket) and then leave the ATM.

In case the ATM does not work correctly (for example, is in a long-term standby mode, is automatically rebooted), you should not use such an ATM, cancel the current operation by pressing the keyboard button “Cancel” and wait for the bank card to return.

If the ATM does not return the bank card in the course of transactions, you should immediately call the relevant bank by the telephone indicated on the ATM and explain the circumstances of the event.

POS terminals

Request that bank card transactions be carried out only in your presence, without taking it out of your sight. This is necessary in order to reduce the risk of improper acquisition of your personal data on a bank card.

When entering the PIN code at the cashier’s request for goods and services, it is necessary to make sure that people in the immediate vicinity will not be able to see it. It is necessary to close the POS terminal keyboard with your hands when entering the PIN-code.

Before entering the PIN-code on the POS terminal, please note that the surveillance cameras are not directed at it.

When receiving the receipt, you should check the amount shown on it. In case you receive a message “Rejected”, you should have one copy of the cheque to check the absence of the transaction in the bank statement.

If the payment system supports cards with a non-contact interface, it is desirable to use the non-contact payment method as a safer method of payment.

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