16:27 / 13.01.2021
St. Petersburg State University branch to appear in Tashkent
Photo: spbu.ru

St. Petersburg State University will establish a branch in Tashkent.

The branch will start its educational activities in the 2021/2022 academic year, trainings will be conducted in Russian. Later on, when part-time and other forms of education are introduced, the curricula may include other languages as well.

Graduates of this university are awarded a standard diploma, which is recognized as a document of higher education in Uzbekistan.

Admission of students to the branch is carried out on the basis of state grants and on a tuition fee basis. Students who study with a state grant will be obliged to work for at least 3 years at government agencies and other public organizations in accordance with a relevant contract.

The branch will train specialists in such spheres as philology, biomedicine, geography and foreign economics.