17:13 / 14.01.2021
Gov’t to introduce environmental charges for certain goods and packaging tools

The draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to further improve economic mechanisms in the field of household waste” has been announced.

According to the document, at present, there are a number of shortcomings and problems in the regulation of the solid waste sector, in particular, the initial sorting (separate collection) of household waste, their utilization, processing, disposal and reuse, as well as the financing of these activities have considerable shortcomings.

“The current tariffs are designed only for the collection and removal of solid waste and do not cover the cost of complex waste management. As a result, there is a lack of working capital for the development of sorting, disposal and recycling of the household waste in sanitation facilities,” the document says.

In order to address the above-mentioned problems, as well as to create an infrastructure for the collection, utilization and disposal of waste generated after the loss of consumer (use) properties, the draft resolution proposes to introduce environmental charges for the following goods and packaging tools:

• batteries and accumulators;
• mercury-containing lamps;
• tire and rubber chambers;
• lubricants (motor oils);
• plastic and glass packaging (including polyethylene bags);
• disposable plastic containers;
• combined material packaging containers (Tetra Pak).

The introduction of environmental levies on the above products is mainly explained by the following factors:

• they are dangerous;
• they have a resource value;
• they should be disposed of;
• separate infrastructure is required for their collection, transportation, removal, processing and disposal;
• they cannot be buried.