11:06 / 15.01.2021
Recently dismissed Minister of Housing and Communal Services becomes khokim of Nurafshan

Nurafshan city council of people’s deputies is holding its 24th extraordinary session, the Tashkent regional administration reported.

Organizational issues are being considered in the session. The Tashkent region khokim is also present at the event.

Delivering a speech, regional khokim Rustam Kholmatov stressed that the construction works in the city of Nurafshan are lagging behind the set schedules. Several shortcomings in the socio-economic development of the city are also pulling the reform process down.

As part of his address to the council, Rustam Kholmatov nominated a new khokim for the city – Muzaffar Soliyev.

After discussions by deputies, Soliyev has been appointed khokim of Nurafshan.

It is worth recalling that Muzaffar Soliyev has recently been dismissed as the Minister of Housing and Communal Services. He was fired in accordance with a relevant presidential decree signed on January 5 this year.