11:43 / 22.01.2021
More than 10,000 young people were convicted in 2020 – Supreme Court

In 2020, 30,284 cases against 38,149 people were considered by courts on criminal proceedings in Uzbekistan. Of the 27,999 convicts, 3,027 were women and 10,371 – young people.

According to the press office of the Supreme Court, 781 individuals were acquitted and rehabilitated last year.

In 2020, 27,999 people were convicted and received different forms of punishment:

7,110 persons – sentenced to imprisonment
19,838 – were subject to other types of punishment
1,051 – sentenced conditionally

Of the convicted persons:

24,972 were men
3,027 – women
10,371 – young people (including 499 minors)
908 – over 60 years old

In addition, 3,434 persons were released from the courtroom due to the imposition of non-custodial sentences, 21,970 people were released on parole, punishments of 6,959 convicts were changed to lighter ones. Charges of 5,958 persons, who were unjustifiably convicted by the pre-trial investigation bodies, were withdrawn or re-qualified.

222 young people, 37 women and 1,024 individuals were sentenced to non-custodial sentences on the basis of letters of guarantee.

Conviction rates for certain types of crimes, such as burglary, robbery, embezzlement, career fraud, abuse of official authority, vehicle hijacking and violation of traffic rules or safety rules while operating vehicles, decreased in comparison to 2019.

In addition, the Judicial Board for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court reviewed 1,214 cases against 1,523 individuals. Judgments rendered by lower courts against 969 individuals were revoked and convictions against 385 individuals were amended.