11:48 / 09.02.2021
Prosecutor-General’s Office: Corruption is rampant in the sphere of construction and public utilities

The Prosecutor-General’s Office has reported on corruption schemes in the field of construction.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to the press service of the supervisory authority, 371 billion soums of budget funds were misappropriated in the last two years and 2,477 persons were prosecuted.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office stated that corruption was particularly rampant in construction, public utilities and road construction. In general, many representatives of these sectors do not comply with the relevant rules, and there is local harassment and bribery.

In turn, officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the State Security Service and the Court of Audit carry out operational activities.

In particular, by the order of the President, the law enforcement agencies have reviewed the project documents of 1,379 sites. They have identified 1.5 trillion soums of unreasonable cost.

The Court of Audit also inspected 82 sites and found financial deficiencies totaling 66 billion soums.

Moreover, cases of parochialism were identified during tenders in 21 sites for the amount of 23 billion soums between the customer and the contractor.

There have been 111 criminal cases involving serious offenses. To date, 24 of them have been brought to court.

The total damage amounted to 260.7 billion soums. Of these, 47.6 billion soums were returned to the budget.