14:28 / 10.02.2021
State shares in 33 companies put up for online auction
Photo: Getty Images

State shares in 33 companies across the country have been put up for online auction, Spot writes with reference to E-auction data.

A 30% stake in the Univer Grand Food company has been put up for sale, which operates BISTRO in the Students’ Town, Tashkent. The starting price is 46.7 million soums.

Lots vary in prices and shares. For example, in Niyat-tram LLC (engaged in the manufacture of various products for organizations), all 100% shares are available for purchase – it is valued at 596 million soums. 

FC Sementchi is also selling a certain part of its stakes – here the starting price is 28 million soums.

The authorities expect the private sector to raise funds and revive these businesses.