18:58 / 18.02.2021

Senior official of a ministry detained in Tashkent

State Security Service (SSS) officers have detained a senior official of a ministry.

“A responsible official of one of the ministries, while working as a deputy khokim of Bostanlyk district, abused his official powers, issuing a decision on the allocation of 30 hectares of land on the territory of Khujakent to the local entrepreneur, for which he received $35 thousand,” the report says.

However, as a result of a later inventory of property carried out in Bostanlyk district by the relevant authorities, the decision was annulled.

During an operational activity conducted by officers of the SSS and the Prosecutor’s Office, the official was detained at the moment of returning $8,900 from the amount he previously received.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the detainee under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and investigations are ongoing.