11:15 / 26.02.2021
All medical organizations, pharmacies in Uzbekistan to be connected to a single platform

The President has signed the decree “On measures to effectively organize the digitalization of the healthcare sector”. The text of the document was published by UzA.

The proposal of the Health Ministry to establish a limited liability company IT-Med under the auspices of the Health Ministry on the basis of the SUE “Center for Development of Information and Communication Technologies” was approved.

IT-Med LLC has the following additional tasks:

  • optimization, rationalization, standardization and automation of processes in the healthcare system and organizations;
  • development of technical-economic parameters, concepts and other project and pre-project documents for improving the information system in the field of healthcare;
  • introduction of information technology and communication policies and standards in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals;
  • introduction and monitoring of a single set of information systems “e-health”, as well as ensuring their integration with the information systems of other government agencies;
  • development of business processes and IT-reengineering in the healthcare system and the implementation of international experience in this area;
  • involvement of investors, business partners and outsourcing services in order to fulfill the set tasks;

It is noted that:

  • from January 1, 2024, all medical and pharmaceutical organizations in the country, including pharmacies, will be gradually connected to a single platform;
  • creation and introduction of information systems, resources and other software products in the field of health care is carried out in coordination with IT-Med LLC.