19:04 / 10.03.2021
Uzbekistan expands alternative forms of pre-school education 

Alternative forms of pre-school education will be developed in Uzbekistan, follows from a presidential decree.

The document envisages further expansion of alternative forms of pre-school education, which serve for the initial development of the child, improve living conditions of women and create opportunities for women engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

To this end, pre-school educational institutions, including family-run non-public kindergartens, will admit the children of single women in need of social protection by including them in the preferential list of pre-school educational establishments and draw up a legal-regulatory instrument on the reimbursement of the expenses of women who have lost their breadwinners from the budget.

There will also be an inventory of vacant and unused buildings (premises) in mahallas.

With regard to pre-school education, including in rural areas, the mahallas will provide alternative forms of pre-school education and take measures to provide them with the necessary material and technical resources.