19:29 / 12.03.2021
UNESCO to allocate $435,000 for professional development of teachers in Uzbekistan

Teacher training programs in Uzbekistan will be financed by UNESCO, reports the Ministry of Education.

Tashkent hosted a videoconference meeting of the Scientific Project Management Committee “Adapting and scaling teacher professional development approaches in Uzbekistan”.

The main objective of the event, organized with the support of the International Development Research Center, is to develop models for teacher development with national stakeholders.

As part of the UNESCO project “Adapting and scaling teacher professional development approaches in Ghana, Honduras, and Uzbekistan”, the International Development Research Center will allocate $435,000 for the training of teachers in Uzbekistan.

Within the framework of the two-year project (2020-2022), a model for advanced training, involving more than 600 teachers from 150 schools, will be developed in Karakalpakstan, Navoi and Tashkent regions.