23:18 / 16.03.2021
Guljahon Yuldasheva’s case: The deceased’s wife demands punishment for perpetrators

On March 15, a regular court hearing was held on the case of Guljahon Yuldasheva, a former chief infectious disease specialist of Tashkent region, and others involved in the case. Defendant Ruzmetov’s lawyer, late Rustamov’s wife and other accused had their last words in the court’s deliberations, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

Defendant Sheikhnazar Ruzmetov’s lawyer asked the court to drop the charges against Ruzmetov. He noted that Ruzmetov comes from an ordinary family, is still a student and has not received his diploma yet.

The lawyer added that Ruzmetov was admitted to both bachelor's and then master's programs on a grant basis, and it would be wrong for the state to train him for so long free of charge and now hold him accountable.

Late Rustamov’s wife also said her last words during the court hearing. She asked the judge to punish those responsible for the crime in accordance with the law.

At the hearing, Yuldasheva asked the court for 2 days to express her views instead of the last word in the negotiating part of the trial. Yuldasheva’s speech was postponed to the next court hearing.

The court adjourned until March 18.