21:30 / 03.04.2021
Number of people vaccinated against coronavirus in Uzbekistan exceeds 14,000

The Ministry of Health stated that on the second day of vaccination (April 2), a total of 9,211 people were vaccinated in Tashkent and Nukus, as well as regional centers.

Of those vaccinated, 3,726 were citizens over 65 years of age and 5,485 – health workers.

Reportedly, on April 2, 2,313 people received a vaccination in Tashkent, 1,021 – in Kashkadarya, 783 – in Andijan, 740 – in Tashkent region and 713 – in Namangan. In other regions of the country, the number of vaccinated was far less.

On the first day of vaccination, April 1, 5,018 citizens of Uzbekistan were vaccinated against coronavirus. Thus, the number of people vaccinated in the country exceeded 14,000.

It should be reminded that the population of Uzbekistan is currently being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine (660,000 doses) and the Chinese-made ZF-UZ-VAC2001 vaccine (1 million doses) provided under the COVAX program.