20:02 / 09.04.2021
Criminal case initiated against officials of a perinatal center in Surkhandarya

A group of responsible persons of the Surkhandarya region perinatal center has been plundering budget funds for more than 2 years, opening bank cards in the name of others, the regional prosecutor’s office reported

The Surkhandarya regional Department under the Prosecutor General’s Office revealed that T.A., the chief accountant of the regional perinatal center, and others, during 2019-2020 and 3 months of 2021, secretly opened bank cards in the name of 15 persons who did not work in the center. During this period, they issued a salary in the amount of 741.4 million soums to 15 non-working people and transferred money into plastic cards.

Then they spent the funds received on the cards in their personal interests and plundered a large amount of budget funds.

Also, the center’s chief accountant, in order to conceal the source of origin of 741.4 million soums obtained by criminal means, transferred 72 million soums of these funds to his name as an initial contribution for a car of the LADA XRAY brand and legalized the proceeds from the criminal activities.

It is noted that on this fact, a criminal case has been initiated against the chief accountant of the regional perinatal center T.A. and others under Paragraph “a” of Article 167-3 (embezzlement by misappropriation) and Article 243 (legalization of proceeds derived from criminal activity) of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.