17:11 / 12.05.2021
Customs officers detain drug courier in Surkhandarya

Employees of the Surkhandarya Regional Customs Department prevented the smuggling of a large consignment of narcotic substances into the country.

During the customs check with the help of scanning equipment at the “Ayritom” border customs post, suspicious foreign objects were found in the abdominal cavity of a foreign citizen arriving from a neighboring state.

After that, in one of the medical institutions in the city of Termez, an examination was carried out, as a result of which a total of 47 oval-shaped hermetic capsules were found in the internal organs of the man.

When the capsules were opened, it was found out that in such a way the drug courier tried to transport in his body a total of 423.42 grams of opium and 17 units of white pills.

Currently, on the above fact, the customs authorities are conducting investigative measures.