13:50 / 21.05.2021
MPE announces dates of state exams in schools 

The Ministry of Public Education has provided information on upcoming state exams in schools.

Photo: KUN.UZ

It is noted that the exams will be conducted in strict compliance with the rules of quarantine. Before the start of exams, disinfection will be carried out in educational institutions, students are required to wear a medical mask in accordance with the rules of hygiene. Their body temperature will be measured by medical staff before entering the building and the social distance will be maintained.

If the school is closed for quarantine, the examinations will be held after the end of the lockdown period, in strict compliance with the quarantine rules.

Examinations will be held in oral, written and test forms in the following periods:

From May 26 to June 2 – staged control exams for students of grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10;

From May 26 to June 15 – final state exams for 9th and 11th-grade students (graduates).

Exam questions and materials are posted on the official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Public Education.

Students who fail the exam can take it two weeks after the exam.

According to the results of the annual assessment and final attestation, school graduates, who do not meet the requirements of state educational standards and receive an “unsatisfactory” grade, will be re-enrolled in the same class.

“The Ministry of Public Education urges school administrations to ensure that examinations are conducted in a fair and transparent manner and take measures to prevent the collection of various illegal fees,” the statement said.