23:02 / 21.05.2021
UzAgroExportBank to be privatized

This is the second bank that the state is ready to fully sell to interested investors.

The State Assets Management Agency has announced its intention to sell 100% state shares in the authorized capital of UzAgroExportBank.

The bank is privatized on the basis of maximizing the transaction value, as well as further development and increasing financial stability. The consultant is Grant Thornton.

The sale will be organized as a bidding open to all interested parties. It is divided into several stages:

1. Expression of interest by submitting a package of documents.
2. Pre-qualification selection.
3. Qualifying selection of commercial and financial proposals.
4. Making a deal.

Applications for the first stage are accepted until June 20. One can learn more about the requirements, download the application and other forms here.

UzAgroExportBank was established in 2017. It belongs to the khokimiyat of Tashkent.

Its main tasks are financial support for exporting organizations, ensuring effective and sustainable development of the export potential of fruit and vegetable products. According to the results of the first quarter, it had over 40 billion soums of net loss.