18:11 / 29.05.2021
President Mirziyoyev heavily criticizes corruption cases in Samarkand 

“An official is arrested while receiving $50,000 in bribe, another one is detained while getting a car and the other is detained while taking $30,000 in bribe. Has corruption become such a deep-rooted phenomenon in Samarkand?!” the President said.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev touched upon the issue of corruption in the videoconference on May 28 and stressed the need to intensify the fight against it.

“We need to prevent corruption. The best way to eradicate it by digitizing the sphere. 

It is necessary to create a network free from corruption. It’s the money of the state, it’s the money of our people. Why is there corruption? Why is the land being sold? Where these idiots are looking at?!

If corruption is detected, the highest-ranking official at places will be fired. The law must take precedence, punishment must be inevitable. People should believe that there is no place for corruption in the country.

All khokims should draw a conclusion! In particular, the decision on fighting corruption needs to be looked at seriously,” Mirziyoyev said.