15:47 / 31.05.2021
Minimum consumer spending in Uzbekistan estimated at 440,000 soums 

It takes into account not only products, but also non-food products and services.

Minimum consumer spending in Uzbekistan has been calculated, the press service of the Finance Ministry reports.

Reportedly, in 2020, 5,400 households across the republic were interviewed. They were divided into 10 groups according to the size of expenditures.

Based on the data obtained as a result of the survey, the minimum consumer expenditures on the necessary daily consumption of food, non-food products and services per month amounted to 440,000 soums per person (taking into account price changes in the current year).

The ratio of the calculated minimum consumer spending to GDP per capita is 26.8%, in developing countries it is around 4-20%.

These are preliminary figures. In 2021, the experiment will continue and another 10,000 households will be interviewed. Based on their results, by the end of the year, it is planned to approve the methodology for calculating the minimum consumer spending and publish its recalculated amount.

The minimum consumer spending will be used in the future for the following purposes:

  • determining the population group in need of material and social support from the state;
  • defining the poverty line;
  • establishing the minimum amount of pensions and allowances, as well as the use of this approach as a criterion for the provision of other types of material assistance from the state to the population of the target group.