18:06 / 21.06.2021
Justice Ministry refuses registration of “Hakikat мa tarakkiyot”   Party 

The Ministry of Justice refused to register the new party “Hakikat va tarakkiyot” (Truth and progress). The number of signatures was almost three times less than required. Hidiranazar Allakulov had previously announced his intention to run for president in 2021. 

As the press service reports, the Ministry of Justice has twice considered the applications and the attached documents on the state registration of the “Hakikat va tarakkiyot” social-democratic party in accordance with the law.

“As a result of the review, it was established that the documents on the state registration of the party were submitted without compliance with the requirements of the laws “On political parties” and “On non-governmental non-profit organizations”. In particular, according to Article 6 of the Law “On Political Parties”, in order to establish a political party, it is necessary to have more than 20,000 signatures of citizens living in at least eight territorial entities (regions), including the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the Tashkent city, and those who intent to join the party”, said in the message.

However, the party collected only 9,873 signatures for the state registration. In particular, 7,675 signatures (an additional 944) were attached to the declarations of 7 April 2021, and 1,254 signatures from 7 June 2021 were attached to the declarations of 7 April 2021.

The study also revealed that 42 people on the list of signatures had died.

“Since the signatures were collected for various reasons not related to the formation of the party, to date the Ministry has received a total of 2,292 applications from citizens requesting that signatures  be revoked,” noted in the press service.

On the basis of this, the state registration of the social-democratic party “Hakikat va tarakkiyet” was refused.

The Ministry of Justice also recalled that according to Article 6 of the Law “On Political Parties”, the organizing committee has the right to act no more than three months from the day of its establishment. The organizing committee, in turn, must cease its activities and suspend the collection of signatures at the end of the prescribed period.

On June 4, 2020, Professor, Doctor of Economics and former Rector of Termez State University Hidirnazar Allakulov announced his plans to establish a new social democratic party in Uzbekistan and to run for president in 2021.