16:58 / 25.06.2021
Accountants of Karshi Engineering and Economics Institute embezzle 21 billion soums of budget funds making fake statements

In accordance with the planned control work of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2021, a study is being conducted on the effective use of funds allocated to the higher education system in 2017-2020.

Reportedly, in 2017-2020, 3,710 of the tasks given to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education have been fulfilled, 4 tasks remain unaccomplished.

Also, the study of suspicious cases observed as a result of remote monitoring revealed that 22.5 billion soums were misappropriated in 2 higher education institutions.

In particular, accountants of the Karshi Institute of Engineering and Economics drew up fake statements, miscalculated salaries and stipends, as a result, they were able to misappropriate 21 billion soums in cash from the bank. At the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute, 1.5 billion soums were embezzled by transferring to a plastic card.

According to the Chamber of Accounts, the officials of the accounting service admitted in their explanatory letters that the above funds had been misappropriated.

At the same time, the documents on the identified cases were sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office in the prescribed manner for the restoration of the misappropriated funds and a legal assessment.