17:11 / 27.07.2021
Nurmat Otabekov commented on coronavirus vaccine microchip conspiracy

Nurmat Otabekov, deputy head of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health Service, commented on reports about COVID-19 vaccines containing chips.

Earlier, social network users published a video that depicted how a piece of metal was pulled from the patient’s deltoid muscle.

Users said it was a special chip that was inserted into the body with a vaccine.

“Firstly, the only liquid metal we know about is mercury. You cannot inject liquid metal into the body, because to do that, the metal must be heated to a very high temperature. In addition, the needle for the syringe should be large, at least the size of the paste of the ballpoint handle,” he said during a briefing at the Information and Mass Communications Agency.

The expert emphasized that the information on the video is false.

“We recommend ignoring such videos,” Nurmat Otabekov concluded.

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