10:06 / 07.08.2021
State share in Coca-Cola Uzbekistan to be privatized for $252.2 million
Photo: Reuters

The Agency for State Assets Management (ASSM) of Uzbekistan announced an agreement on the sale of the state share in the amount of 57.118% in the authorized capital of Coca-Cola Bottlers Uzbekistan, Ltd LLC to the Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. group of companies (CCI), through CCI’s wholly-owned subsidiary CCI International Holland BV for $252.28 million.

The deal was approved by the State Commission for Tendering for the Sale of State Property. 

It is noted that closing the deal will require certain approvals from the regulatory authorities. 

The transaction is organized in the form of an open sale process in accordance with the presidential decree UP-6096 dated October 27, 2020 in line with generally accepted international practice and legislation of Uzbekistan. 

Rothschild & Co acts as financial advisor to ASSM, Dentons acts as legal advisor to ASSM.

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