16:49 / 03.09.2021
Uzbekistan abolishes temporary procedure for the stay of foreign citizens in the country 

Foreign citizens whose stay in Uzbekistan has expired must extend their stay or leave the country by September 10. The temporary mild regime introduced due to the pandemic was repealed.

Фото: KUN.UZ

In connection with the pandemic, Uzbekistan imposed a temporary non-administrative action against foreign citizens whose temporary stay in Uzbekistan has expired, homeowners and officials who received them.

This procedure was abolished by the government decision of August 30, 2021. This was reported by the Migration and Citizenship Department of the Tashkent city DIA.

“Therefore, until September 10, 2021, we kindly ask foreign citizens staying in the country, individuals and legal entities invited by them, to comply with the rules of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan, to extend the term of temporary registration. Foreign citizens and stateless persons whose temporary stay in Uzbekistan has expired must leave the country in a timely manner.  

We ask foreign citizens and stateless persons in our country to comply with the legislation of our country, and our population to assist the law enforcement agencies in the observance of the rules of stay by foreign citizens.

It should be noted that the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan establishes liability for violation of the rules of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan,” the migration department concluded.

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