12:22 / 15.09.2021
State Tax Committee: Business entities have received a VAT refund in the amount of more than 9 trillion soums

From January to July last year, the state budget received 9.9 trillion soums of VAT from the sale of goods (services) by VAT taxpayers. For 7 months of this year, this amount increased by 4.3 trillion soums and amounted to 14.2 trillion soums, the press service of the State Tax Committee reported.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to the current legislation, the procedure for reimbursing the negative difference in value added tax (VAT) for all business entities, introduced since August 2020, contributes to an increase in their working capital.

In accordance with the document, the procedure for accelerated reimbursement (within 7 days) of the negative difference in VAT and reimbursement of tax amounts in a general manner (within 60 days) was determined. So, over the past period of this year, on the basis of 9.8 thousand applications received from business entities, 9 trillion soums were reimbursed, of which 3 trillion soums were refunds to exporters. 

However, despite the benefits provided, there are organizations that carry out dubious transactions, whose activities negatively affect the country’s economic development.

With the help of an automated system for analyzing and assessing tax risks, a list has been formed that includes 802 “dubious” organizations with a high level of risk of tax evasion. 

Cases of attempts of unjustified VAT refunds by enterprises carrying out financial transactions with these “dubious” organizations have been recorded.

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