13:20 / 21.09.2021
Prosecutors arrested for bribery in Jizzakh and Samarkand

In Jizzakh region, the district prosecutor, and in Samarkand region, the deputy district prosecutor were caught red-handed while taking bribes. It is not clear in which districts these cases occurred.

As part of the measures taken by the SSS, illegal activities in the law enforcement system were stopped.

One of the district prosecutors in the Jizzakh region demanded a bribe in the amount of $2,000 and received $1,200. He was caught with material evidence when he took the rest of the money ($ 800) in his office during a quick operation by officers of the Jizzakh regional SSS Department. 

According to the SSS press service, he demanded a bribe from the head of a construction company in connection with the criminal case against officials of the SUE engaged in repair and improvement work. The prosecutor asked the head of a construction firm for a bribe in exchange for not taking precautionary measures in the form of custody and reducing the amount of deficit identified in the firm.

One of the deputy district prosecutors in the Samarkand region has filed a lawsuit against the head of a local farm to change his three-year prison sentence to a more severe one, demanding $10,000 in exchange for the verdict to be upheld.

During an operation conducted by SSS officers of the Samarkand region, the requested money was seized by his mediator on behalf of the deputy prosecutor. The involvement of the deputy district prosecutor in this case was fully confirmed on the basis of a testimony provided by his mediator and the material evidence collected.

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