09:08 / 23.09.2021
Kazakh TV channel prepares a video report on UzAuto Motors’ monopoly 

Kazakhstan’s Khabar24 channel has produced a report on Uzavto Motors’ monopoly.

The video material says that UzAuto Motors has opened a dealership in Tajikistan, despite the fact that more than 30,000 Uzbeks have paid in advance for new cars and are unable to receive them on time.

In turn, MP Rasul Kusherbayev wrote that if it is not possible to supply cars to consumers in a timely manner, then the best way is to reduce tariffs on foreign cars.

“It was already clear that a monopolist with almost no respect in the country would not benefit the people. Even President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has mentioned this.

It is a pity that this “privileged monopolist” has tarnished the image of the country in the international community and abroad, and made laugh other nations at Uzbeks!

If it is not possible to deliver cars to consumers in a timely manner, it is the best way to lower duties on foreign cars. This should be supported by government officials and experts,” Rasul Kusherbayev wrote.

Earlier, it was reported that street art dedicated to the automobile monopoly and long queues appeared in Tashkent and it was wiped out instantly.

On September 4, street pictures of UzAuto Motors’ monopoly and long queues for cars appeared in Tashkent.

The street art dedicated to the automobile monopoly was painted on the walls of the former U.S. embassy building in Chilanzar district. The author is a street artist nicknamed @inkuzart.

In the photos, the author mentions another problem faced by those waiting in line to buy a car in car showrooms in the form of a red hat (“shapka” system, which illegally accelerates the purchasing process for some amount of money).

On September 5, the artist announced that these images painted on the wall had begun to be erased. In the photos released on September 6, it can be seen that the queues depicted were initially significantly reduced, and then completely eliminated.

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