18:09 / 05.10.2021
Afghanistan asks Uzbekistan not to cut off electricity for debts
Photo: Reuters

Afghanistan’s debt to neighboring countries for electricity is about $62 million. TASS reports with reference to the TOLO News TV channel.

According to the channel, the corporation sent letters to neighboring electricity exporting countries – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iran – promising to pay the debt and asking them not to turn off the electricity. DABS (Afghan energy corporation) also appealed to the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan to help pay off the debt. 

It should be recalled that on September 6, the Taliban announced that they had taken control of the entire Afghan territory, and on September 7, they announced the composition of the interim government.

Despite the current measures taken by the Taliban, the economic situation in Afghanistan remains extremely difficult. This is largely due to the fact that radicals have access to only 0.1% of Afghan state reserves (out of $9.4 billion), since a significant part of them is frozen by the United States.