20:07 / 18.10.2021
SCO Observer Mission starts work on monitoring elections in Uzbekistan

On October 16, the advance group of the observer mission from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), at the invitation of the Uzbekistan MFA, began work to observe the presidential elections scheduled for October 24.

Photo: Dunyo

The mission is headed by Deputy Secretary General of the SCO Yerik Ashimov, Dunyo IA reports.

The mission has 26 accredited observers. These are high-ranking representatives of the legislative, electoral bodies and diplomats of the SCO member states, as well as officials of the SCO secretariat and the executive committee of the SCO RATS.

Mission representatives will observe the electoral process in Tashkent and other regions of the country. To get a more complete picture of the course of the presidential elections, the members of the mission in Beijing will visit the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the PRC on election day, where voting will also take place.

Until the end of the election period, members of the mission will focus on studying the readiness of polling stations, observing the voting process, organizing the process at polling stations, counting votes, as well as polling voters, representatives of candidates and other observers.

The Observer Mission operates in accordance with the regulation of 15 May 2006 on the SCO Observer Mission in presidential and/or parliamentary elections, as well as referendums.

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