09:10 / 21.10.2021
Ismatulla Irgashev names conditions for recognition of Taliban government in Afghanistan

A “Moscow format” meeting on Afghanistan is being held in Moscow with the participation of representatives of the Taliban delegation. The meeting is attended by representatives of ten countries of the region, and a high-ranking delegation of the Taliban, led by Deputy PM of Afghanistan Abdul Salam Hanafi.

Photo: Sputnik Afghanistan

During the interview, the special envoy of the President of Uzbekistan Ismatulla Irgashev named the conditions for the recognition of the Taliban government:

- their fulfillment of their obligations under the Doha Agreement;
- the creation of a government in which all political sides of the Afghan society will be represented;
- ensuring fundamental human and women’s rights;
- preventing terrorists from using the territory of Afghanistan to threaten its neighbors.

Ismatulla Irgashev stressed that the recognition of the Taliban government will be a concerted step by all partner countries, no one will go for it in isolation from the rest – while there are no opportunities for recognition.

The special envoy also said that the main thing that worries the participants of the “Moscow format” is assistance to the Afghan people on the eve of winter and a humanitarian catastrophe.