20:09 / 21.10.2021

Translator of “Bygone Days” receives his promised honorarium 

Фото: Alimurod Muhammadamin

Mark Edward Reese, an American culturologist who translated the novel “Bygone Days” into English, said on Twitter that the promised honorarium issue had been resolved. The five-month suspension was due to the fact that the honorarium officer did not know how to issue it to the foreigner.

Mark Edward Reese, an American culturologist who translated Abdullah Qodiriy’s novel “Bygone Days” into English, wrote on Twitter that an Uzbek official had asked him to waive the honorarium promised by the president five months ago.

He wrote on his page that the issue had been resolved.

“I have contacted high-ranking Uzbek officials and the honorarium issue has been resolved. It turned out that the person in charge of the payment did not know how to formalize it to the foreign citizen. The 5-month suspension was caused by inexperience and reluctance. Thanks to the government for resolving the issue,” the American translator wrote.

The translator did not disclose the amount of his honorarium.

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