15:23 / 25.10.2021
SCO Observer Mission said the presidential election in Uzbekistan was transparent
Photo: Kun.uz

There were no violations of the law in the presidential election, which was held on the basis of transparency and openness. This was announced by the head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization mission Erik Ashimov at a press conference with the participation of observers of the SCO mission at the CEC Press Center.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) held a press conference with the participation of observers from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The head of the SCO mission said that there were no violations in the presidential election in Uzbekistan, and the election process was conducted on the basis of transparency and openness.

“The mission did not observe any irregularities in the election campaign or the presidential election in Uzbekistan. All campaigning was conducted in accordance with the electoral law. The mission conducted its observations at polling stations in Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Khorezm and Andijan regions in 2017,” Erik Ashimov, head of the SCO mission, said.

Elmira Khaymurzina focused on the process of e-information in the election process and spoke about the participation of the population in the elections.

“For the first time in Uzbekistan, an e-voter list has been formed. Mobile applications have been developed. This is great news.

Family of voters came together – grandparents, parents, grandchildren. When an elderly man arrived at a polling station, he was asked to deliver a speech. He made very good wishes about the election process,” she said.