16:13 / 18.11.2021
US dollar exchange rate in commercial banks reaches 10,810 soums mark

Commercial banks have again raised the exchange rate of the US dollar. Now 1 dollar is valued at 10,810 soums in many banks.

Photo: Kun.uz

Asakabank has set the purchase price at 10,750 soums, and the sale – at 10,810 soums.

In exchange offices of Aloqabank, the purchase price of 1 dollar is 10,750 soums, and the sale is 10,810.

In Hamkorbank, the purchase price of the US currency is 10,740 soums, and the sale is 10,810 soums.

The official website of Kapitalbank says that the purchase rate of the dollar is 10,760 soums, and the sale - 10,810 soums.

According to the Central Bank, on November 18, the US dollar rose in price by 14.46 soums and amounted to 10,755.26 soums.

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