18:35 / 26.11.2021

Official of Olmazor district khokimiyat arrested for attempting to sell land for $1.56 million

An official of the Olmazor district khokimiyat asked for $1.56 million in exchange for selling 12 hectares of land, Uznews.uz reported. 

Photo: DXX

In Tashkent, one of the employees of the Olmazor district khokimiyat conspired with two citizens. They promised to sell land to a person, who wanted to start his own business, in exchange for some money. 

It turned out that they demanded $1 million 560 thousand from a 12-hectare land plot in the Zangiota district, Tashkent region, through their acquaintances working in high positions. Allegedly, the entrepreneur wanted to build a plant for the production of plastic pipes there. 

During an operation conducted by SSS officers of the Tashkent regional department, citizens were detained with material evidence when they received $50,000 in advance.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted under Articles 168 and 211 of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.