16:06 / 06.12.2021
Gov’t officials inflict material damage in the amount of 658 billion soums in Jan-Sept 2021

The Legislative Chamber adopted in the first reading the draft law “On amendments and additions to the Criminal Code, aimed at ensuring the inevitability of responsibility for corruption crimes”.

Photo: Kun.uz

As the deputy Zukhra Shodiyeva reported, according to statistics, as a result of crimes committed by officials in 2018, 556 billion soums were misappropriated, in 2019 – 1.858 trillion soums, in 2020 – 500.1 billion soums, and in 9 months of 2021 – 658 billion soums.

The bill toughens measures against officials. Crimes “abuse of official power”, “inaction of the authorities”, “official forgery”, if they are recognized as “for mercenary motives”, are considered corrupt, and more severe punishments are imposed for these crimes.

For persons convicted of fraud in the form of embezzlement, refusal to pay taxes and other obligatory payments, who did not fully compensate for the damage caused by the crime, as well as those who have committed crimes related to bribery, parole and replacement with a lighter punishment are not provided.

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