09:52 / 17.12.2021
Entrepreneurs to be allowed to provide currency exchange services
Photo: Kun.uz

The draft presidential decree “On measures to eliminate barriers that negatively affect the competitive environment and further expand the range of entrepreneurial activities” has been announced.

Based on the experience of foreign countries, it is planned to allow private entrepreneurs to provide currency exchange services in order to prevent the emergence of informal foreign exchange transactions, as well as to provide uninterrupted (24/7) services.

It is also planned to create opportunities for businesses engaged in the provision of financial services to enter the market of credit union services.

In addition, in order to create equal competition conditions, private medical facilities will be allowed to conduct medical examinations of drivers and candidates for driving.

In the field of collection, transportation and utilization and recycling of solid waste, state unitary enterprises within local government will be transferred to the private sector. In this case, the solid waste collection service will be gradually organized separately based on the composition of waste, based on world experience.

It is also planned to involve the private sector in the services of transportation and recycling of household waste on the basis of public-private partnership.

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