12:28 / 18.12.2021
Landscaping workers of Chilanzar district gather and stage a protest in front of khokimiyat

Social networks disseminated a video showing dissatisfaction of the staff of the Chilanzar district landscaping department with the khokimiyat, who are discontented with the salary reduction and delay.

In the video, employees state that they are not receiving their salaries in full, their salaries are constantly delayed, they are not paid advance payment. Also, they are dissatisfied with their travel expenses which are not reimbursed.

“300,000 have been withheld from our previous month salary. No advance payment, no holiday money. They know how to exploit us, but our salary is not their concern.

We don’t have a locker room. Wherever we go, we are not allowed to use toilets. They maltreat us. If we go to a café, we aren’t offered a cup of tea,” one of the workers said.

Another employee says he received a monthly salary of 400,000 soums last month.

“Personally, I received a salary of 400,000. I have two loans to repay. My earning is not enough to maintain my household at all. We have not been paid our advance payment. When we called the office yesterday, the boss ignored our call. Where should we go? We came to the khokim for help.

How do we feed our children? We have been borrowing money from each other for our travel expenses. If they organize khashar (voluntary work), we attend it. They take us on a bus, but on the way we are not provided any transportation. Public buses do not accept us. We get on bus 116, people are disgusted by our presence among them,” he said.

He also said that he was suffering from cases of neglect and harassment of landscaping workers.

“If we enter cafes to dine in, they don’t allow us to have food there. Frequently, access to the toilet will also be a problem. To whom should we complain?” the worker adds.

“November was cold. At a time when people were unwilling to go outside, we cleaned the boilers thoroughly. When we were about to receive our honestly earned salary, they withheld our salary for the previous month. This month we haven’t even received our advance payment. We come from a long distance. It’s too expensive to travel. Holiday money is paid at other organizations. Why can’t Chilanzar workers receive their holiday money, salaries on time?” another worker says.

After the protest, Chilanzar district khokimiyat said that the district khokim Shavkat Mavlonov had personally met with the staff and that their salaries had been paid.

Photo: Khokimiyat of Chilanzar district
Photo: Khokimiyat of Chilanzar district

In addition, officials were instructed to provide employees with a dressing room, a service car, recalculate their salaries at the 3rd category, develop proposals for financial incentives at the expense of a special incentive fund.

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