14:42 / 21.12.2021
Individuals trying to sell 14 hectares of land in Kibray for about $3.5 million detained

The State Security Service has put an end to the illegal sale of land in the Tashkent region.

Photo: Frame from video

An employee of the Tashkent Regional Department of Investments and Foreign Trade and an unofficial owner of a limited liability company registered in the Yakkasaray district of Tashkent have colluded. They agreed to sell 13.7 hectares of fertile land for agricultural production located in the territory of Kibray district to a buyer for $3 million 425 thousand.

During an operational event organized by the State Security Service in cooperation with the staff of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes in the Tashkent region, they were arrested while receiving $500,000 of the requested money.

On the above fact, a criminal case has been filed under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.

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