14:28 / 20.01.2022
Statistics Committee names most produced car model in Uzbekistan in 2021

Last year, the most produced car model in Uzbekistan was Cobalt, the State Statistics Committee informed.

Photo: UzAuto Motors

According to the committee, in 2021, 71,082 Cobalt cars were produced in the republic.

The next places were taken by Lacetti-Gentra (51,061) and Nexia T-250 (31,466).

In addition, last year, 55,068 Damas, 17,308 Labo and 9,915 Spark cars were produced in Uzbekistan.

Earlier, the committee provided information on major importers of Uzbek-made cars, the list is topped by Kazakhstan. In January-November 2021, the neighboring republic imported 28,651 cars from Uzbekistan. The TOP-3 includes Ukraine (744) and Russia (448).

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