18:23 / 21.01.2022
66 out of 3,480 passengers arriving in Tashkent via Tashkent International Airport diagnosed with coronavirus on January 20
Photo: Ministry of Health

 From January 15 this year, the procedure for express antigen testing at the international airports, railway stations and border checkpoints has been introduced for visitors to our country, the Sanitary-Epidemiological Wellbeing and Public Health Service reported

At present, this practice allows to prevent the spread of new strains and rapid detection of the disease.

In particular, test samples were taken from 3,480 passengers who arrived in our country yesterday through Tashkent International Airport. As a result, 66 of them were diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

These patients were referred for treatment at home and in hotels, depending on the disease severity.

Citizens receiving outpatient treatment are provided with 4 types of free medicines at the airport.

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