11:15 / 18.03.2022
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan launch first interstate bus service

The process of resuming international bus service between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan has begun in strict accordance with quarantine requirements.

Photo: Frame from video

According to the Ministry of Transport, the first technical transportation on the Almaty-Tashkent route was launched yesterday. The bus departed from Almaty, Kazakhstan and arrived at the Tashkent bus station at 14:00.

The first technical connection on the Tashkent-Almaty route is also planned by Uzbek carriers.

Depending on the results of technical transportations, additional dates for ticket sales and fares will be announced.

At the initial stage, it is planned to arrange transportations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan along the routes Tashkent-Nursultan, Tashkent-Almaty, Tashkent-Kyzylorda, Tashkent-Turkestan, Tashkent-Irgeli, Chirchik-Shymkent, Chirchik-Almaty.

Earlier, it was reported that bus communication with Kazakhstan was resumed and negotiations were underway on communication with Russia.