18:40 / 30.03.2022
Burglars who attacked with a toy gun arrested in Namangan

The assailants extorted about $12,000 from a Tajik citizen.

Photo: Frame from video

A citizen of Namangan conspired with his accomplices and arrived in the village of Tomosha, Furkat district. Using a toy gun, the attackers intimidated citizen Khusanov and a young man from Tajikistan, put them in a car and take them to the Naryn River.

The criminals then demanded $1,500 from Khusanov in exchange for his previous debt, deliberately hitting various parts of his body and arbitrarily seizing $400 from him. Meanwhile, the young Tajik man was also threatened with a toy gun and $11,600 was forcibly collected from him.

The Besharik district court on criminal proceedings legally prosecuted the perpetrators. Accordingly, the defendants were found guilty under Paragraphs “b”, “v” of Article 137-2, Paragraph “b” of Article 164-3 and Article 229-1 of the Criminal Code. Pursuant to Article 59 of the Criminal Code, K.N. and M.I. were sentenced to 7 years and 1 month in prison and B.A. – 5 years and 1 month.

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